Faces of the Des Moines Bicycle Community

Local photographer Chris Maharry has started a photo project with the Des Moines Bicycle Collective to capture the wide range of faces that make up the Des Moines bicycle community. Enjoy!

We’d like to include more faces, and Chris has agreed to shoot more faces in his studio. If you have someone to nominate, please send contact information and a few details about your favorite bike rider to info@dsmbikecollective.org.

  • Zoey Mauck & Emily Weeks
    Zoey Mauck & Emily Weeks
    Discovering a passion for cycling has brought us closer to our friends, our community, and nature. You'll see us on the trails cruising with the Rider Cyclers, Roosevelt's newly formed biking club. We are currently planning and training for the club's first RAGBRAI! We can't wait.
  • Paul Prentice
    Paul Prentice
    Winter is my favorite season to commute. There is something very therapeutic about being the only soul on the trail, hearing only the sound of my breath, with my tires making the first tracks through the fresh snow and the big, mesmerizing flakes falling through the beam of my headlight.
  • Sam Auen
    Sam Auen
    In Des Moines I found great friends on my bike, discovered new places on my bike, pushed past my known limits on my bike, founded my business on my bike, and found myself on my bike. Des Moines is a true Bike Community, it has shaped who I am today.
  • Sara VanWyk
    Sara VanWyk
    One of my favorite Des Moines bike events is the Collective’s Wheels & Heels fashion show. I helped launch this event in 2009 and keep coming back to organize each year because of the fabulous people who make this event happen and the awesome crowd that gathers at the show!
  • Steve Fuller
    Steve Fuller
    Cycling has given me so much in a short number of years: A diverse group of friends, a closer connection to my community, better health, physical challenges, and travels all over the Midwest. A bicycle is the best way to truly experience wherever it is you might be.
  • Tim Lane
    Tim Lane
    It took three tries, but the best ride I ever completed was across Iowa with 10 others in 21 hours. Another favorite memory was a terrible weather day on RAGBRAI (Cascade) when my then six-year-old daughter just "bucked" it up and we rode a tandem while 20-somethings were sagging right and left.
  • Vern Willey
    Vern Willey
    Working for the City of Altoona, I build trails and promote all kinds of biking. Prior to 1997, I rode about 4,000 miles annually. In ‘97, I broke my back while on an organized ride. I immediately purchased a handcycle and started riding up to 4,000 miles per year again.
  • Julie Goodman
    Julie Goodman
    When I am riding a bike, I feel like a kid again. Knowing that there might be an adventure around the next corner. I have met some of my best friends through cycling and they are always game to go on an adventure with me.
  • Jen Veak
    Jen Veak
    My first adult bike ride was in 1998. That same year on my first RAGBRAI, I met my husband, Ed, and we have been biking partners ever since. After years of collecting bikes and biking memories, we opened Beaverdale Bicycles. We commute, tour and live bikes and encourage others to do the same.
  • Jeff Bruning
    Jeff Bruning
    Bringing the biking community together one beer at a time.
  • Nancy Crowfoot
    Nancy Crowfoot
    I've always liked to bike, but now I just can't help but smile every time I get out my "new" Schwinn because it is more than transportation— it's just plain fun to ride! I use it to occasionally commute to work, to run errands, and to go anywhere social in town. With an 8-speed internal hub, I can even climb the hills out of downtown to get back home to Beaverdale.
  • Steve Falck
    Steve Falck
    I live and work downtown so my bike commute is short and that allows me to wear my regular workday clothes on my bike. In most urban centers around the world, daily commuters wear everyday clothes to go to work.
  • Ernie & Pat Fisher
    Ernie & Pat Fisher
    Life is meant to be shared ... perferably on a bike. The best part of cycling is being able to share the fun, fitness, fellowship, food, fraternity and friendliness with the mate of your choice on a tandem! You are always with someone and never get left behind. Be PIGS...Paired Iowans Going Somewhere.
  • Jeff Goodman
    Jeff Goodman
    Any day where the sky is crayon blue, I, along with my friends, are riding together. I love riding Browns Woods to Walnut Woods to the Maffitt Lake Road to Orilla and back on a road that we refer to as “Slice of Heaven.”
  • Kelly Green
    Kelly Green
    In 1961 when I was 10 years old and living near 14th and Mondamin in Des Moines, I hopped on my Western Flyer and rode all over town. Fifty years later, I still ride all over town! The goal is the same: It’s all about fun and freedom to go where I want, enjoy the bike and meet people.
  • Graham Johnston
    Graham Johnston
    What do I like about biking? It’s my primary mode of transportation, my main means of recreation, and a path to so many other things. Riding my bike gives me freedom from congested roads and stuffy rooms, and the freedom to participate in the world around me. I’ve gained many great friends and had many fantastic adventures on a bike. I like bicycles and bicycling because they make me smile.
  • Kitie Knauer
    Kitie Knauer
    I love riding my 26-inch custom-built DJ BMX racing cruiser. As the oldest female BMX racer in the nation, my racing bike allows me to be as competitive as my counterparts, while maintaining great fitness and well-being. Ahhh ... such incredible exhilaration!
  • Dan Koenig
    Dan Koenig
    Nothing i like better than cruising around with my boy Isaac. He is one of a kind and his bike is one of a kind. We live in the Drake neighborhood and it is great for riding. We love to ride around the campus in the summer when no one is around. It's great to ride through the sprinklers on a hot night.
  • Yan Li
    Yan Li
    My bike is my only transportation tool in the city. I go to work, do grocery shopping, go to dance classes and visit friends by bike. I bought my English bike on the second day after I arrived in Des Moines. I have handled my life pretty well for eight months in the city living with myself and without a car.
  • Dee Mable
    Dee Mable
    Riding my bike brings me great joy! I always ride my bike with friends....whether it be a fast road ride/race, gravel roads for the long haul or tandem with Dave, it is always a treat! Seeing the sunrise while on my bike makes for a perfect day!
  • Angie McBride
    Angie McBride
    We are lucky in Des Moines; with every trail connection, we are creating an awesome transportation system. If anyone is not riding a bicycle in Des Moines, they are missing a lot. I am excited about raising a child who will spend more time on a bike than in a vehicle.
  • Marty Schmitt
    Marty Schmitt
    A few years ago I found myself in cardiac rehab and a therapist told me the best thing I could do is find an activity I liked then it would be fun to get exercise. I went home and pulled out my old rusty, dusty Schwinn and started riding. When my son saw how much I was riding, he decided it was time Mom got a new bike.
  • Keely Shannon
    Keely Shannon
    Bikes have provided me with sanity, friends, transportation, travel, fitness, fun and recently, gainful employment. I'm grateful I was introduced to the bike so early in life. Thanks, Dad!
  • Rob Versteegh
    Rob Versteegh
    The bicycle has given me most of what I have in my life: my dearest friends, my fondest memories, my source of income and employment, my fitness and health. My bike has been transportation, a toy, a hobby, a way to spend time with my kids. In short, it's easiest to say that the bicycle best defines how I fit in the world.
  • John Washburn
    John Washburn
    I love to bike because of the physical and emotional exercise and balance. What I like to do: I bike with 13 – 18-year-old youth on the Dream Team for up to 1,500 miles per year as we train for RAGBRAI. I hope to show them that biking can be your healthy companion for life.
  • Kim West & Sue Cook
    Kim West & Sue Cook
    The female companion and I have been riding bicycles, collectively, for over 100 years. the most interesting people I've ever met have been bicyclists. the best places in the world to be are accessible by bike, and that's exactly where we're going. tell me a story....
  • Peg Shelton, Carol Curnes, Karen Jepsen, and Ann Shuman
    Peg Shelton, Carol Curnes, Karen Jepsen, and Ann Shuman
    We have been riding together for decades, each with a different riding style, interests and time on the bike. But we share the same love of bicycling and the camaraderie of riding with friends. We represent older women who continue to be active, and we plan to ride together for as long as possible.
  • Chris Hensley
    Chris Hensley
    I am amazed the number of retirees I see on the trails and have even met new couples who have moved to the Des Moines because of the trails. It doesn't get any better than that!
  • John & Ann Karras
    John & Ann Karras
    I bought an orange Raleigh Carleton 10-speed in 1967 and we haven't gotten over it yet.
  • Larry Jablonski
    Larry Jablonski
    When I first moved to Iowa, my wife and I shared one car; most days I commuted 8 miles to the elementary school where I taught. I’m now involved in lots of biking activities in Urbandale and for the Collective; it’s my way of giving back to the community.
  • Scott Bents
    Scott Bents
    I'm passionate about promoting bicycling as a means of transportation in Des Moines, and I hope to do more as a new board member for the Collective. I'm a mechanical engineer by training, so I enjoy building brazed steel bike frames and biking around the city with my girlfriend.
  • Steve Quirk
    Steve Quirk
    I ride because I can. A trail runs through my Urbandale backyard that connects me to more trails, my office and everything else. I ride to work a lot and take frequent adventures with great buddies. I have a bike for every season. My current favorite is a Surly Pugsley Necromancer.
  • Dan Buettner
    Dan Buettner
    We sold our second car 7 years ago and have never really looked back. I feel better saying that I'm an environmentalist now; I'm in better health; I'm more engaged at work and calmer when I get home; I'm setting a better example for my kids. I bike with Adrienne, 7, and Ian, 4.
  • Hollander Kids
    Hollander Kids
    Malcolm: I like my mountain bike because it’s good exercise and I can go as fast or slow as I want to. Maddie: It is fun and helps me move faster than walking and I can ride to school and to the Downtown Farmers’ Market with my mom and dad.
  • Carol Mahlendorf
    Carol Mahlendorf
    For 35 years, I have taken my fourth-grade students on a 20-mile bike ride on the trails between Crossroads Park Elementary and Colby Park. My hope is that this will inspire them to go out and experience our trails with their families.